Custom designed



What do we do? We apply gamma ray radiations to scientific and industrial fields.

GAMMATOM® stands out in the field of irradiation for its ability to apply sterilisation technology using gamma rays to very fine layers of material, reducing over dosages, with the result that chemical physical alterations in the products themselves are kept under control. We regard this as our ADDED VALUE and, aimed at clients who cannot apply this process to their products. In other words: a regular saving, avoiding any production under sterile conditions and including a sterilisation process with the finished product. Irradiation is not an application that can be summed up in general terms but studied, designed and made to measure like a tailored suit.

The focus on constant research, in the application of gamma rays on new materials and markets allows for a competitive growth in the different industrial sectors: from cosmetics, where the use of natural, organic raw materials is ever more a reality, compared to preservatives, to medicine and veterinary medicine.

Close ties with the Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy in Italian Universities for sterilising and sanitising irradiation activities, in the work of ageing materials and aerospace components, guarantee updates, training and scientific institutional collaboration in support of GAMMATOM’s skills.