Application Fields

Treatments of
sterilization and sanitization.


The gamma irradiation can be used for different purposes, the main ones being sterilisation and sanitation intended as a reduction in the microbial count. The growth of gamma technology stems from a need to carry out sterilisation and sanitation treatments on thermolabile products and for the negative implications linked to the use of Ethylene oxide gas.

This process offers a vast range of advantages, the key one being the parametric release, that is, once the irradiation conditions have been fixed and maintained over time, the only parameter on which control can be placed is the absorbed dosage.

Other important advantages are:

  • the absence of residues
  • the almost complete absence of heat production
  • application to a sealed packaging, so without direct manipulation of the product
  • the absence of mechanical interference with the packaging
  • the certainty that the sterilising agent will definitely reach each part of the product
  • effectiveness on each type of microorganism

These advantages, together with the first one, make this kind of sterilisation particularly suited for different markets, medical devices, raw materials, exipients and finished pharmaceutical, veterinary and cosmetic products, laboratory material and packaging.

Gammatom’s competitive advantage here lies in the accuracy with which the dosage is distributed and the uniformity ratio contents, which allow for the objective of the sterilisation to be achieved without compromising the chemical physical capacity of the product, especially of those products which, as well as the thermolability, can show a certain sensitivity even to radiation. This is the case with the active ingredients, the so called APIs or finished drugs which, when undergoing treatment with radiation can be subject to molecular alterations, producing impurities which can compromise effectiveness. That said, the irradiation process on these products offers a number of advantages. It is a safe way to achieve sterilisation, it is cheap and reduces the financial burden of sterile production. By applying a focused, dedicated, custom designed process to the product’s requirements, Gammatom manages to apply the treatment even to those products which are generally not sterilised with gamma rays.

The sanitation is applied mostly in the cosmetic industry. In fact, the mechanism at the root of this technology is the D10 value of each microbial species to the gamma rays, that is, the dosage needed to achieve a decimation of the population present. This detail makes the process unique in bringing the values of microbial contamination within safe margins and means it can be used in all fields of application given above for sterilisation but also, more specifically, to reduce or eliminate the use of preservatives, make products safe by eliminating pathogens, to increase the product’s shelf life and disable viruses.

In conclusion, our process is also applied for the colouring of glass on cosmetic packaging, which offers financial advantages compared to the normal production of coloured glass by glass manufacturers, the speeded up ageing applied for tests on material in the aerospace industry, bee-keeping to disinfect and fumigate beehives, the elimination of woodworm and parasites from archaeological findings and lastly, the radio-stimulation or radio-inhibition of seeds in order to boost vegetable production.