About Us

Our philosophy

Motivation to work, state of the art technology, continuous innovation, certified quality, ethical behaviour, social commitment and respect for the environment. These are the essential values at the heart of every decision and future planning made since 1969, when Gammatom was founded.

Years of growth in gamma ray irradiation technologies for use in sterilising and sanitising products for various production sectors including the pharmaceutical industry. A communication capable of acquiring visibility on the national market over time, but above all, on the international market and bringing quality to the competition.

Training, research and Team work are the driving forces behind the success of an excellently positioned Italian SME.


  • 70's

    First in Italy to apply technology for sterilization, seed sterilization

  • 80's

    Selected by ESA and made `` highly qualified laboratory '' by the Italian MIUR

  • 90's

    It becomes a pharmaceutical workshop. Gets the first F.D.A. approval

  • 2000 - 2010

    The research plan for radiation on new materials continues

  • 2014

    Accreditation Certificate of Foreign Drugs Manufacturer - Tokyo, Japan

  • 2017

    Authorization to process pharmaceutical products for the USA and Canada market

  • 2019

    Warehouse expansion, external structure of the headquarters

One of our distinctive trait is that of knowing how to specialize in everything we do, including maintenance. If many of the companies in this sector rely on external specialists for particular operations, such as for example the recharging of the source or the disposal of exhausted sources, Gammatom has trained over the years a team of personnel specialized in these operations. Gammatom staff, in addition to having actively participated in the design of the plants about fifty years ago, continued and continues to study and implement improvements to the plant year after year.