A new communication phase

A new communication phase

At the start of the year we make New Year’s resolutions. Gammatom® throws out the rule book and starts with facts.

Indeed, from the middle of last year, it launched a company policy aiming to re-assess the importance of internal and external communication.
Aware of its excellency on the market, it courageously got to work on each tool capable of conveying information, seeing this not only as a functional investment but also one of alignment with new market conditions.

A new website capable of combining images, styles, identities and above all in a clear, synthetic format which can provide any kind of technical information to those interested in the irradiation services offered by the company.

The obsolete rule that no one should know, has been eliminated at Gammatom®, and becoming visible has become the keyword. An SME needs to constantly communicate its changes, innovations, successes and evolutions. The danger lies in the idea that potential clients have of the supplier, without grasping the opportunity for improvement and the satisfaction of new production needs. Facebook and Linkedin pages will be a reflection of daily production while the website will act as the company’s institutional information hub.

Happy new year!

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